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"My Head Is Always Somewhere  Else"

"My Head Is Always Somewhere Else"


Breakup Films are the outcome of a teenagehood that stands between the days of Myspace and the dreamy, surf-inspired sound of today. 

In a series of 4 home-recorded and produced singles, Breakup Films managed to gain a steady fanbase across the globe and over 500K streams on popular music-streaming services, building anticipation among indie kids longing to hear more of their modern-nostalgic sound. 

With the release of their debut EP, Breakup Films are infusing reverb-filled textures into straightforward, contemplative pop songwriting and vocal delivery inspired by emo and punk, creating a time capsule of their early-20’s, accordingly titled “My Head is Always Somewhere Else”.

Ron Herscovici - Vocals & Guitar

Shelly Reizis - Vocals & Bass

Hai Barbi - Lead Guitar

Noam Debel - Drums